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I'm ecstatic with my new contract

Hi Community Members, Administrators and O2,


For years I have been using Three UK (3) owned via C.K Holdings. This was originally due to their offer unlimited data services for next to nothing compared to other mobile networks. I loved the idea of using unlimited data without worrying about the cost. But heavy traffic management and appauling services and lack of british customer services combined with their congested network made me think enough is enough.


I recently took out a cracking deal via Mobile Phones Direct via O2 which included a Samsung Galaxy S10+ (512GB - Ceramic White) along with a sim card providing the following;


- Unlimited Minutes

- Unlimited Texts

- 50GB of 4G Data


My experience with O2 has been nothing but incredible. In my location O2 have deployed band 1 which is allowing me to achieve constant speeds of over 100Mb/s. I don't actually re-call a speedtest taken via this phone falling below 100Mb/s.


I would like to show you the cracking speedtests taken from the device above.

These speedtests have been taken on 4G+ (Band 1) - Please ignore the current signal as it's a (HUD) overlay on my signal at work which is poor and doesn't refect the signal strengh at the time of the speedtest.



(Please ignore the dots I was trying to get the menu to save the option and this resulted in me tapping the phone numberous times).




Whilst I respect O2 doesn't have as much spectrum available as the UK's dominating network EE, I will say O2 has done a cracking job at making do with what they have, you actually outperform EE within this area in terms of download speeds, unforunately latency and network jitter is a different story though and that is something you will need to improve on, however that been said it's nothing major just something that needs to be worked on.


I would just like to say a thank you for allowing me to experience your network and allowing me to take out a contract with yourselves to start my journey away from the appauling network of Three UK

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Re: I'm ecstatic with my new contract

Hi @Cellular_Data  and welcome to the forumWelcome


Delighted to hear about your positive experience with O2.


I would like to say something about the other network you mention though (namely 3)

I have friends and family on this particular network and they have absolutely no problem with it at all.


Network coverage and data speeds are heavily reliant on the area in which you live and work.

I use 3 in a dongle when I travel to various parts of the country, it works better than any other for me.


All that said, it's lovely to hear you are pleased with O2. wink

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Re: I'm ecstatic with my new contract

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Thank you so much.


Just to raise your point with the network in question.


I was with (3) for about 7 years even before they offered Unlimited Data, unforunately unlimited data destroyed them and extreme measures had to be put into place to stop the network failing and callapsing all together as such ; heavy traffic management, speed caps and/or protocols limited such as P2P.


Unforunately this resulted in certain individuals using the services as a home broadband substitute and/or downloading 24/7 not realising the contention ratio on a cellular tower and effectively destroying the service for everyone else as the "Heavy Users" where taking up all the resources and bandwidth.


This was shown to do more harm than good due to the abolishment of the "One Plan" that they offered. Unforunately due to 3 continuing to allow unlimited data to be purchased and EU laws that allow individuals to use their data how they want to. Three can't restrict this data like before to only be used in mobile handsets. This allows users in theory to place Unlimited Data sims into devices such as MiFi/Routers/Sim Boxes etc to abuse and destroy the service for everyone else.


As O2 doesn't offer unlimited data or that I can see there's no need to traffic manage as hard as (3) would meaning you'll get a better overall network experience, obviously also reducing the impact and cost of Congestion, Backhaul Requirements, IPTransit and Spectrum.


Unforunately I'm unable to get a signal on any network at work, however this is a issue of the premises it's designed in a Faraday type building which blocks signal from the outside, this is the case on all the major networks EE, Vodafone, O2 and Three.





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Re: I'm ecstatic with my new contract

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Hey @Cellular_Data  it's great to hear that you're happy with your new contract and are getting some decent Internet speeds! 


Welcome to the community and let us know if any questions come up around O2 and your new contract. wink 


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Re: I'm ecstatic with my new contract

Hello @Cellular_Data  great that you are happy ~ hope you stay in the o2 Community and visit here when you can and join in.....Best wishes TallTreesFantastic

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Re: I'm ecstatic with my new contract