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Customer service :-(

time to review my tarriff...to upgrade or not yet.

Live chat option box came up and I thought it might save me some browsing time. However  despite mentioning simplicity as something I wanted to look at and not wanting to change my phone at the moment...All of the " best value" options provided were more expensive than my current tarriff, didn't match anything I have subsequently found while browsing the site on upgrade or simplicity. Not sure what was completely lost in translation. This option did not help at all!!!!   Could easily have been conned!!

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Re: Customer service :-(

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Re: Customer service :-(

Yeah you would be much better off visiting an o2 store or phoning customer services. Simplicity is a good option if you don't need a new phone. It's only a 12 month contract which you can upgrade after only 3 months.

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