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Customer service

Trying to look for somewhere to tell O2 about an exceptional employee.

I went into the O2 store at 134 Oxford Street to cancel my contract. Having complained about network issues on not getting data in central London, O2’s initial response had been ‘there is no issue’.

Layla changed my mind pretty quickly! Straight away she has a confident ‘no problem, we will sort this for you’ attitude and professionalism. She gave me a new SIM, helped me pick a new phone and contract much more suited to me, lowering my payments. Having gone to 3 competitor stores previously she was so different to all the other people I had spoken to that morning. She took her time to explain things to me, help me find the best option. She was clear, helpful, so professional and patient. She helped me pick out a phone cover, put the screen protector on. Best care and attentiveness possible! She really went above and beyond to make sure I left happy and looked after by O2 (I have been a customer for 10+ years).

Having gone in annoyed and wanting to leave I walked out a very happy customer! I hope O2 recognises it’s amazing employees because Layla is excellent, so professional, knowledgeable and great with customers! Thank you Layla for single-handedly changing my experience and making me stay with O2 (and I love my new phone).
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Re: Customer service

@Martin-O2 can you feed this back
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Re: Customer service


What a lovely post. Thanks for taking the time out to tell us about about your positive experience with O2 customer staff.

I'm sure one of our managers with feed this back for you @Martin-O2 @Marjo @EmilieT

Welcome to the forum as well Welcome

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Re: Customer service

What a fantastic post @Nat11. You went in angry and wanting to leave O2 and left happy, a new phone and still an O2 customer. O2 could use more like Layla both in store and on line.


Thanks for posting such a positive experience. Makes a nice change from the usual complaints.

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Re: Customer service

Lovely to hear about your experience at the store you visited @Nat11! Thanks so much for coming to let us know about it. I'd be happy to pass on your feedback!

Which phone did you go for? Smiley Happy


Cheers for tagging us @adamtemp64@Cleoriffthumbsup

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