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Positive Review only for SHAHEEM!!!

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Shaheen was a huge help after the online messaging could not help AT ALL. The online service would not accept that I only had one phone and all my service were completely cut off. They still insisted (despite living alone and just coming out of isolation) that I had to find another phone and call.

But then I ran to someone who thankfully lent me their phone and let me sort this out.

And Shaheem happened! He was patient and naturally frustrated with endless complaints and anger and dealt with me so well and got me my services back and even more! He's a star and if O2 don't give him a raise then there's no justice.


Ps I suggest that o2 find a way during this Corona virus pandemic to allow people to use the one phone that they have. It's no ones fault to be isolated. Thank God you have Shaheem
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So pleased Shaheem managed to sort out your problems. I will tag our managers to the thread and tomorrow one of them will be in touch for more details and will be able to thank Shaheem officially.

Thanks for posting and welcome to the forum Welcome

@Martin-O2 @LukasB @TheresaV  could you help @Review  feedback his thanks to Shaheem?

*The Game Is On*

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That's such great news, thanks for sharing your experience @Review smiling I will be in touch via private message to get some more details in order to pass this on!


Thanks for the tag @Cleoriff wink

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