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Re: iPhone 6 buttons

@Anonymous wrote:
Ohhh no I don't mean that sort of volume. What I mean is when pressing my volume and lock buttons they click very loudly whereas previous iPhones made hardly any sound. It's very loud snap click sound

Did you watch the tutorial? It tells you how to go into settings to disable lock sounds.


This site also looks very comprehensive and may help: http://www.imore.com/


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Re: iPhone 6 buttons

And spot on. The actual buttons
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Re: iPhone 6 buttons

Cool, as I said, they will wear on the guide pegs until you get a smoother, sound free press.
If it does bother you, talk to apple about the problem.

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Re: iPhone 6 buttons

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Tell you what @Anonymous ...with all the problems you are having with this new phone....I would suggest you give it to me....the next time I go to Spain I will launch it off my balcony for you....Fear

Then you can claim off the insurance and buy yourself a Note 4 ....LOL

(and of course....you do know that I am having a giggle with you?)Smiley Wink

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Re: iPhone 6 buttons

@Anonymous wrote:
And spot on. The actual buttons

Yeah, I got that bit...... Smiley Wink

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