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iOS 7 is announced

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Just wondering if any of you guys watched the Apple Keynote earlier, where amongst other things iOS 7 was announced.


iOS 7 will see the biggest change in iOS since iOS/iPhone was released.


Major changes are:




iOS 7 features an entirely new color scheme, with translucency, to "create a sense of depth and vitality." The design is significantly different from before, with all new multitasking screens and a totally redesigned interface. The icons are "flat," as expected, with bright new colors. Apps like Game Center have been entirely overhauled, with the removal of the felt and wood elements in favor of a design that relies heavily on black and white with colored accents. 

iOS 7 incorporates new motion tracking capabilities. As the device is moved in the hand, it actually tracks motion and the screen moves, which carries over across the system. 

On the stage, Craig Federighi demoed the new dynamic weather app, which incorporates some live weather elements. For example, if it is raining outside, the app will show rain. The weather app uses an all new font. Like the Weather app, the Calendar also features a minimalist new design.


Messages has seen a major overhaul, with a blue and white interface that's removed the gloss from the chat bubbles. Swiping on the screen in messages allows users to go from individual messages to a messages overview. Mail has the same no-frills interface, focusing on text and photos. It incorporates full screen photos.





Notification Center 


Notification Center looks entirely different as well, with new daily overviews that let users know about new mail, missed calls, to-dos, and more. Notification Center can be accessed from any screen, including the Lock Screen, with a downwards swipe. Notifications also now synch between devices, so clearing a notification on an iPhone will also clear it from a paired iPad or Mac, for example. 



Control Center 


Control Center offers new preference controls. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen (including the lockscreen) to find quick access to preferences. It has switches that allow users to access Wi-Fi, turn on Airplane Mode, toggle Do Not Disturb, adjust brightness, and control music, among other things. The Control Center also offers an all new flashlight functionality. 





iOS 7 offers up a smarter way to multitask. When users tap the home button twice, it will display preview screens of apps that are open. Unlike before, the screens are previews of actual apps rather than just a small app icon. iOS 7 incorporates a learning algorithm that takes note of when users utilize certain apps and keeps those up to date with new content before they are launched. So, for example, if someone wakes up and checks Facebook, iOS 7 will learn that behaviour and have Facebook updates ready to go in the background before the app is opened. The new mobile OS also uses intelligently scheduled updates and will update during power efficient times. For example, when the device is connected to WiFi. It's also able to respond to push notifications, updating apps that send out notifications. 





Safari will get a number of improvements in iOS 7, including a new full screen look and a smart search field. With this field, there's one tap access to favorites, and it also has a new tabbed interface along with parental controls and iCloud keychain integration. The new Safari eliminates the eight browser tab limit and tabs can now be closed with a quick sideways swipe. Safari also has a new view that displays URLs from a user's Twitter timeline and Reading List has received some performance enhancements. Safari incorporates the new iCloud Keychain functionality, remembering account names, passwords, and credit card numbers, as well as generating unique, hard-to-guess passwords. 





AirDrop will be included with iOS 7, making it easier for users to share photos, videos, contacts, and other content with other iPhone owners. This is system wide and can be used with any app that supports the API. Simply tapping the new "Share" will allow users to connect via WiFi or Bluetooth. Recipients can choose to save what is sent, and saved items will be saved in appropriate locations. For example, a shared contact ends up in the Contacts app, while a shared photo ends up in the Photos app. Sadly it will only be available on Apple's newest devices, including the iPhone 5 and the fourth generation iPad, as well as the iPad mini. The reason been is because AirDrop relies on newer wifi hardware that is only available on the above mentioned devices.





iOS 7 on Apple's website:

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So....basically copying alot of what BlackBerry 10 already has?


(Taken from


  • Slide to Unlock: From the looks of it, Apple is going with an up gesture from the lock screen instead of the old left to right gesture
  • Multitasking: The multitasking view on iOS 7 looks much like that of the Blackberry PlayBook (and arguably Web OS)  as you can swipe to scroll through your open apps. You can also use the swipe up gesture to quickly close an app from this view. This is essentially the same idea as Active Frames on BlackBerry 10 with apps being open in the background for quick access. 
  • Control Center: The Control Center in iOS is a popup of quick settings that you can access from anywhere by swiping up from the bottom of the screen. Very similar to the BlackBerry 10 settings which are accessed from the homescreen by swiping down from the top. The controls give access to Bluetooth, Wifi and other settings. 
  • Lock Screen Notifications: Notification Center on iOS is now available from the lock screen, making it much like the notifications you can view from the BlackBerry 10 lock screen. Including the "at a glance" view which shows your calendar appointments for the given day.
  • Gestures: iOS 7 features some swiping gestures that resemble those on BlackBerry 10. They are present in the browser as well as messages app (and maybe other areas too) - swiping to navigate forward or backward between screens.
  • Browser Bar: The browser bar is an all-in-one search and URL which makes for quick work in the browser.
  • Facetime: The latest version of BBM allows for both video calls and voice only calls. Facetime, which was previously video only, will now also allow for voice-only calls as well. 
  • Photo Filters: BlackBerry 10 is sporting an amazing photo editor that includes a full set of filters. iOS 7 adds a very similar feature to their photos app (but no editor from what we've seen). 
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Looks a lot like android to me
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Funny how apple have borrowed several jail-break tweaks for iOS 7 !

Hopefully the activation lock cannot be breached !

The flat icon introduction sure looks weird after using the old stock and now my themes icons.

At the moment I can't see anything urging me to upgrade when it becomes available later in the year.

I'm guessing the evasi0n team will have unleashed their saved exploits on it by then !

You should see the amount of fools trying to download iOS 7 without developer accounts.
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For me personally, I've jailbroken my iPhone twice, and too be honest the only thing I found useful was SB Setttings. Basically SB Settings added the option to turn wifi on/off, bluetooth on/off, airplane mode on/off from the swipe down notification centre. Now that iOS 7 is going to include Control Centre (which will be the same as SB Settings and a more) I defintely won't be jailbraking my iPhone.


The last time I jailbroke my iPhone, I was unable to use the Sky Go app. As the writters of the app had to write code into the app that allowed the app to detect if the device it was getting used on was jailbroken or rooted in the case of Android. This then resulted in a pop up appearing telling you that the video was unable to be played on a jailbroken/rooted device.


I agree. There are aspects/features of iOS 7 that have been seen on other platforms. But too be honest, all platforms are guilty to a certain extent of using ideas from elsewhere. Its just when Apple do it, they get noticed more because they are one of the most popular Smartphones.


The who has copied who aside. I find the update to be a good one. I think there'll be some people who have been with the iPhone for a number of years and perhaps don't like a lot of change. I think these people will not like iOS 7 iniitally, but I think they will eventually get used to it. Where there will be other people who will love the new look etc. For me, I like the look/features of iOS 7 and look forward to using it.


I think Apple have got the balance pretty much right with, not changing things too much and scaring people away from iOS, but at the same time pleasing the people who had complained that the look of iOS and some lacking features were making iOS a bit stale/dated. Whatever you do, you can't please everyone, but I think that if the people who don't like iOS 7 initally, spend a bit of time finding their way around it (like what is needed to get the most out of any OS) then I think they will eventually like it.


I look forward to using iOS 7 and making some video guides of getting the most/doing certain things on iOS 7 slight_smile

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Great article Fatboy. This reads like tech blog slight_smile


I'm liking the Safari changes and Airdrop sounds cool. 

Look forward to any guides you write!


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@Toby wrote:

Great article Fatboy. This reads like tech blog slight_smile


I'm liking the Safari changes and Airdrop sounds cool. 

Look forward to any guides you write!


Thanks Toby.


Yeah Safari changes do look good. I'm liking Control Centre. Been able to have quick access to things such as turning wifi on/off, Airplane Mode on/off, is long overdue, but I'm glad its been implemented now.


I'm looking forward to trying the whole new OS if I'm honest. You can tell Jony Ive has been responsible for most of iOS 7, features aside, it does look very nice too. Jony Ive has been responsible for designs of iPhone, iMac, and I think some of the MacBooks too.


Also announced was a new Mac OS which is called OS X Maverick. Looking forward to giving this a try too slight_smile

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I use Nc Settings as my choice however to me jail-breaking allows much more.

Tweaks such as f.lux and app locker to double @ and folder enhancer and gridlock and theming just opens up my iPhone out of Apples sandboxed iOS.

The beauty of choice.
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Like the look of the new scheme & translucency plus the messages swiping, the app preview looks intriguing
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Looks like they've 'borrowed' a lot from Blackberry 10 and Playbook OS, Android, WebOS and more, but if it improves the user experience with the devices it has to be a good thing.

Didn't see an announcement about which older devices this will be applicable to though unless I skimmed over it.


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