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Strange O2 iPhone unlocking problem


Struggling to solve this, so wanted to open it out for possible help.


I'll bullet point it in an attempt to keep it simple:

- I've been an O2 customer for at least 8 years on a constant contract.

- I have an old iPhone 4S from 2011 which I would like to get unlocked.

- I requested an unlock using the online form, which was declined.

- I was told (a) I didn't get the phone from O2 and (b) I had never used the phone with O2.

- I then remembered (a) was correct - my original 4S came from O2 but I replaced it with an out-of-warranty repair (in reality, a replacement phone) direct from the Apple Store at Covent Garden.

- Point (b) is incorrect because I continued to use the replacement phone on my O2 for some time.

- Eventually, I gave this phone to my Mother to use with her O2 SIM which she has been doing for approx. 3 years.

- My Mother has now replaced that phone, has given it back to me, and I now wish to unlock it.

- (For clarity - the phone is *definitely* locked to O2).


O2 won't unlock the phone for the reasons stated.


Is there any way I can legitimately get this phone unlocked by O2? If so - how?


Many thanks for your help.

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Re: Strange O2 iPhone unlocking problem

Call customer service, explain it was a replacement and there will be no problem. You may need to put an o2 sim in it again and make a couple of calls first.

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Re: Strange O2 iPhone unlocking problem


I'll give that a go - thanks.

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Re: Strange O2 iPhone unlocking problem

If you still have an O2 contract put your current sim card in the phone and use it for a day or two. Sim adapters are available if you currently have a smaller sim. When you then submit the form or call CS use the IMEI of the 4s and your current phone number to request the unlock which will be for free.
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