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New Device

Hi i have ordered a new IPhone 11 yesterday and it say next day delivery however i have not got any email of tracking number or anything yet and i have no idea when my phone will arrive . Thank you
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Re: New Device

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Hi @Zoltan 

This is a community forum not customer services. It's quite likely your phone is out of stock. I would give customer services a call Guide: How to find help & contact O2 

Edited to add, once your phone has been dispatched you will receive an email so you can track it


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Re: New Device

Hi @Zoltan, when you ordered, you should first receive a confirmation of the purchase, then a separate email with a tracking number, etc. The iPhone 11 is low on stock at the moment everywhere. I'd recommend calling Telefonica customer services (O2).

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Re: New Device

@Zoltan O2's stock reporting isn't live. Given that we're now twenty years into the 21st century, that's a pretty damning comment on their backwards archaic system, and just one of many of O2's failings when it comes to customer support. You'll have to speak to customer service, as has been suggested.


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Re: New Device

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Re: New Device

Good morning @Zoltan! Congrats on the new iPhone 11! Smiley Happy Just wanted to check if everything turned out ok in the end with the delivery or if you're still waiting? 

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