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In-store iPhone 7 query experience

I just went into the O2 store in Maidenhead to ask about stock, the staff in there were so rude and unhelpful! I am on the "new phone on us" 30gb tariff and I explained this to the guy in there and that I was wondering when I might be able to get my hands on a 7+, I was nice as I could be and don't see why I should have been treated like this

ME: I'm on the 30gb "new phone on us" tariff and I know that stock of the iPhone 7 are low, I was just wondering whether you got daily deliveries of them to sell in the store and if it was worth me popping in a few times after 25th September to see if you had any?

O2: We're not getting any until the end of November

ME: That's quite a long time isn't it, is that for all the iPhones or just the Plus?

O2: End of November for all of them

ME: Ok, is it best to call a store to see if you've got the handsets on a particular day?

O2: I've got a 7 and a 7+ here that you can look at if you like, but you can't have one

ME: No thanks, not if I can't have one. The phone shop next door has quite a few of the 7's in but no plusses, would you just be able to call and check if you're going to get in any soon please as the shops round here seem to be getting deliveries?

O2: You call them if you want to speak to them [he then throws the shop phone onto the counter]

After that I left the store, I don't appreciate being treated like that. It also got me wondering why O2 are getting stock it seems like later than everybody else? Maybe credit problems as they recently tried to sell the company didn't they?
I've been with them for years but they seem to be going down the pan a bit lately so I think I'm going to leave like many others
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Re: In-store iPhone 7 query experience

I would complain to CS about the way that he spoke to you, as that is not right, and downright out of of order.

o2 Telefonica, have plenty of money in the bank, so nothing to do with credit more to do with Apple priortising there own stock channels, and basically saying sod you to everyone else.. All operators are in the same boat..
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Re: In-store iPhone 7 query experience

My GF had a similar experience. upgraded online to pick up instore.


The assistance manager left her waiting for 35 minutes while "He dealt with in store customer"


She has put a complaint in to CS and was offered £5 off her bill. Nothing seem to have happened to the staff

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Re: In-store iPhone 7 query experience

I went into my local O2 store yesterday in Dundee, having cancelled my online order given what's happened.  Got my new iphone 7 and my experience could not have been more different.  Helpful throughout, good-humoured and actually restored some of my faith in O2.  Customer service and satisfaction are imperative and I wasn't disappointed.

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Re: In-store iPhone 7 query experience

so true the staff member in the maidenhead store is very rude but one thing i notice is if you not friends with them in there they no willing to help you