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i am currently in spain, samsung s5mini.carrier movistar which is not great, a lot of calls have gone straight to voice mail.

had trouble all through france, sorted in spain, apparently it was because the setting was on pay as you go and i am on a monthly contract, went through with a guru to change to my correct setting and all was fine.

phone has now gone flat and i cant connect to wifi. message reads 

no network connection, mobile data is disabled, connect to wifi network instead, or enable mobile data and try again.

another says it wont work as i left the country with data turned off.

i cant change the contract setting as i cant remember what i had to do


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@AnonymousWhat tariff are you on? I ask, as it appears you may have used up all of your allowances particularly as you say you left voicemail  and mobile data turned on.

Movistar is actually a pretty good network and should work fine if you haven't exceeded your allowances.

As you have managed to post on here you must have access to another device, so are you able to check your allowances /tariff in My O2

Other than that I suggest you contact live chat again via this link

Or if you are able to borrow another phone you could call them and speak to customer services...

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