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my htc 8x

hi, my htc 8x wont turn back on. before it wouldnt turn back on, it asked if i would like to undate my phone or not, i pressed yes by accident as i didnt want to do it yet so i turned the device off.then when i turned it back on it showed a black screen with moving cogs on it then after a while the screen shows a sad face and stays there. thats what it does everytime i try and turn it back on.

please help

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Re: my htc 8x

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Hi clare666.


Sorry to hear about your 8X.


I've not seen a similar problem before so we can only attempt to get you back up and running.


Option 1:


Download the Windows Phone software suite called Zune.


Install it and connect your phone using your USB lead.


If it connects then you will need to "check for updates"


Allow it to update.



Option 2:


You are going to need to do what is called a "hard reset" on your phone, which unfortunately clears all you personal information and settings - basically brand new out of the box fresh.


Make sure your phone is powered off.


Press and hold the volume down button then quickly press the power button


Wait for an icon to appear on the screen the let go of the volume down key.


Then in this order...


Volume Up


Volume Down


Power Button


Volume Down.


Hopefully your phone had just stored the update and not started to write it to its memory, if it has..... well we can cross that bridge if it comes.


Good luck.

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Re: my htc 8x

For future reference and for anyone else looking up this problem, you should never interrupt any phone whilst it is updating the firmware. If you accidentally press OK or Yes, just let it run. If battery is low get the phone on charge asap. The phone can be recovered, so all is not lost but it involves much more work than just letting the update run in the first place.
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Re: my htc 8x

hi, ive tried all that you've said but unfortunately nothing worked. is there anything else i could try myself or should i just go to an o2 shop and let them look at it?

thank you for trying to help


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Re: my htc 8x

The hard reset should work on most HTC phones if it crashes during an update etc.


I would take it to an O2 store and have an O2 guru have a look at it. 


With regards to your content on the phone, your contacts should all be backed up to your Windows Live account and hopefully your pictures were backed up onto Skydrive.