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barely any service !

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hi all !

have barely had any service whatsoever for the past 2 weeks.

have tried all the usual 'turn it off and back on again, airplane mode off and on, cleaning sim card' etc etc but still nothing.

according to the website there is good coverage in my area.


any ideas ?




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Re: barely any service !

Hi @MrMax

See if this thread helps


If not... then give customer services a call as you have tried everything else https://www.o2.co.uk/contactus


Or if you are near an O2 store, pop in and they may try you with a new sim...

Best of luck and welcome to the forum  Welcome

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Re: barely any service !

Hi @MrMax, I was wondering if you got a chance to try out the suggestions in the thread @Cleoriff linked to above yet? Any progress?


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Re: barely any service !

It may also be worth checking status.o2.co.uk to ensure there is no maintenance being done in your area