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I recently upgraded from a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini to a Samsung Galaxy A3. I received my new SIM and on my O2 account, my phone number appears to be the same but i cannot receive phone calls or texts.


Also, on my O2 account, it says i am using the S4 Mini but the tariff and device plan show the details of the Galaxy A3. Do i need to do something with either my old or new SIM? Any help?

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Re: Upgrade

Hi @Anonymous Have you done a sim swap http://swapmysim.o2.co.uk/

You can either do it via the route above or go instore and let them do it for you...

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Re: Upgrade

Your my o2 will update automatically when you start using the new phone.
Do the sim swap, as mentioned above and you will be online within 24 hours or if sim is the same size just put old sim in new phone.
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Re: Upgrade

Thanks for clarifying this for @Anonymous