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TU go stops my voicemail working

I have TU go always switched on so that if I get to a bad reception area, like my house recently!!! I can automatically get calls..... BUT it turns out that the voicemail doesn't work and I don't have my message playing if any voicemail plays at all..... This is a work phone and to not have voicemail or my personal message is a major flaw! Is there a fix for this please????
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Re: TU go stops my voicemail working

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Hi @Anonymous I don't use TuGo but know that one fix would be to make sure you have the latest version installed. Also try deleting the app and reinstalling and see if that improves the VM issue. One of our TuGo experts @MI5 or @jonsie may be on later to help further....

Edited to ask...out of interest what phone are you using?

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Re: TU go stops my voicemail working

Do you have VM turned on in tugo settings?
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