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SIM Unlock Recently Repaired Device

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In May 2015 I purchased the LG G4 via which is owned by Carphone Warehouse. In December 2015 the phone developed a fault. I contacted LG to arrange a repair. I had that much messing around with them that I decided to opt to buy another handset via o2. I then used the SIM from my LGG4 in my new handset (Nexus 6p) and then used the SIM that came with the nexus 6p in my wifes phone.


I have since had the LG G4 phone returned to me by LG with a repaired motherboard and new IMEI number. I am now wanting to have this phone SIM unlocked by 02 to enable me to sell it. The online tools to use will not allow me to ask for this as they now refer to my Nexus 6p and my wife's moto G and I cannot change this to the LG G4 I originally purchased. 


I have just spent a large amount of time using the online chat faciltity with an online 'Guru' who advised me to contact or Carphone Warhouse to arrange for the phone to be unlocked. As you can see by this link they advise that only the network can perform this. I argued this point and was in the end told to visit a carphone warehouse shop and then an o2 shop.


Before I do this, is anyone from 02 online able to assist with my needs? Or alternatively if I visit an o2 store will they be able to unlock the device in strore, there and then?


kind regards, Paul.

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Put your sim in it for a few days until it registers in my o2 then request the unlock.

Be warned tho, it is often denied when it is an manufacturer replacement and they send letter staying it is not a device supplied by o2. In this case you will need to call cs and argue the case.

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What you need to do is use your contract sim in the LG for a few days to latch that handset to the O2 network.
You can then make the unlock request through the link in your My O2 or by following the advice here
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