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HTC one mini 2 not finding GPS satellites


I noticed a couple of weeks ago my phone was not detecting any satellites and I have been trying to determine whether it is a hardware or software issue. All of my tests have been conducted outside where I know it should see satellites.


i disabled the apps that had been installed since I last remembered it working , did not fix the problem.


last week I changed the location services to use device only, I.e, GPS and after a switch on and off it started working. GPS status showed a display of satellites it could see, Google map directions worked, ORUX maps worked.


so I then changed location settings to use GPS and wifi, it then stopped working. 

Repeating my earlier step of using GPS only in location services did not fix the problem.


i have even done a factory reset, although it then restored my phone from a back up and that has not fixed the problem.


as far as I am aware all software is up to date.


has anyone get any suggestions as to what to try?

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Re: HTC one mini 2 not finding GPS satellites

There are a number of GPS test apps on Play you can try which may help narrow down a problem.
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