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Ascend P6 kitkat

Common question from the looks of things. Has anyone got Ascend P6 with KitKat yet?

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Re: Ascend P6 kitkat

Released by Huawei back in June for unbranded devices.
If yours is O2 branded you'll have to wait for O2 to test it first.

@Chris_K might have some more info ?

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Re: Ascend P6 kitkat

How long does it take for o2 to test it the update is already avliable in europe and has had no problems
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Re: Ascend P6 kitkat

We’ve been in discussion with Huawei around KitKat on the Ascend P6 device. Huawei have taken the decision not to launch KitKat on the P6, but they do currently have a BETA version of the software available on their website for download and it also contains instructions for installing this. We understand this may be something you want to do but we must warn about the risks of using unapproved and untested software. Should you update to this and have issues, it may not be something O2 will be able to support you with.

We understand Huawei’s decision may disappoint some P6 users but we’ll continue to work closely with Huawei and all our other device vendors to test and approve any new software they send to us.

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