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Registering multiple SIMs / mobile numbers for 'My O2' on-line

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I have had an O2 pre-pay number for some years and it is registered with 'My O2' on-line. I recently acquired some additional SIMs with easily remembered, sequential mobile numbers and I would like to register these under the same 'My O2' account. However, it appears that each mobile number must be registered under an individual account and then linked under the 'My linked accounts' facility.


I have had an on-line chat with O2 Customer Care but there seems to be no way around this. Furthermore, when attempting to register the additional SIMs, I discovered that the system requires you to come up with a unique username (which I was told cannot be the mobile number) with a corresponding unique e-mail address for each SIM card.


Has anyone been through this experience and found a solution or workaround? If not, do O2 intend improving the situation for what I imagine is a popular requirement for parents with children or those who manage all of the family mobile accounts including those of their technically challenged parents?

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Re: Registering multiple SIMs / mobile numbers for 'My O2' on-line

Finally, someone else who has same problem.  Can't understand why you can't use one email address for multiple phones.  'Our' family just got our 2nd phone last week and haven't been able to group the two phones together to manage them together.   Planning to ring o2 tomorrow.

Also, any advice on roaming charges living near border in Ireland, but based in North?


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Re: Registering multiple SIMs / mobile numbers for 'My O2' on-line

Can't help with multiple numbers but you need to set the network manually to O2-UK rather than auto-select otherwise it will automatically connect to the strongest signal.


If you aren't sure how to do that, let us know your phone make/model and someone will be able to give you the instructions.