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Unlock iPhone 4s

I bought an iPhone which is locked to O2.
It is iPhone 4s 16 GB
I bought the iPhone from eBay.
I wanted to know if O2currently unlocks iPhone 4s ?

Because last I heard and on the FAQ section they say they don't do it currently

Also it says if I'm unlocking my iPhone less than 12 after I bought it O2 will take off the free Web & Wi-Fi bolt. Does this apply to me even though I bought the iPhone from ebay and not from O2 store or have a contract with them?


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Re: Unlock iPhone 4s

O2 are unlocking the iphone4s. You need to purchase and put in the O2 simcard and use the phone to make a couple of chargeable call and throw a couple of texts in for good measure.


You need to make sure there is £15 credit left on the phone and fill in the unlocking form :    https://www.o2.co.uk/apps/help/help?qid=1&q1=2&route=unlocking&case=Handset%20Unlocking%20Form


The message about losing the free web and wifi is an old message as initially this offer was introduced when buying a new iphone so it does not apply to you.


All of the above is only relevant if you are using the iphone in the UK. You won't be able to unlock it otherwise.

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Re: Unlock iPhone 4s



Would I be able to use the iPhone outside the UK in any country after I unlock it?

Or would it be unlocked only for UK networks?

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Re: Unlock iPhone 4s

any network worldwide that uses gsm

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Re: Unlock iPhone 4s

Do you know if networks in Iraq such as Zain use GSM?

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Re: Unlock iPhone 4s

Iraq uses the same frequencies as the UK for GSM and 3G



To contact O2 click "Contact us" at the bottom of any O2 page, and click the service you need, or wait for "Live Chat" to appear.

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Re: Unlock iPhone 4s

Thank you

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Re: Unlock iPhone 4s

souaden have you been successful in contacting O2 about this?


The reason I ask is because I believe O2 can *only* unlock devices that were purchased directly from them, either online or in-store. Although the phone is locked to the O2 network, it may have been purchased from a 3rd party retailer and if that's the case, you might have some problems.


If you've not yet contacted O2, hopefully the customer service team will keep you straight

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