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Can't send picture messages on IPhone 4S

I haven't been able to send picture messages for about the last week, I am on latest software IOS5.01. Anyone any ideas ? The send bar goes almost to the end then I get the red exclamation mark.
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Re: Can't send picture messages on IPhone 4S

Have you tried a network reset?
Goto Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings
Your iPhone should then re-boot. You will have to re-enter any WiFi passwords you may have already entered. No other data will be lost though.
Also make sure your APN settings are correct for MMS
Goto Settings>General>Network>Cellular Data Network
For Pay Monthly O2 MMS make sure you have the following settings:
APN = idata.co.uk
Username = vertigo
Password = password
MMSC = http://mmsc-ac.mms.o2.co.uk:10021/mmsc
MMS Proxy =
MMS Max Message Size 2097152 (increasing this figure to 5000000 sometimes also helps)
See this page if you are on PAYG or Pay monthly but not on an iPhone tariff for the correct MMS settings.
If you do need to change any of these settings, you need to turn off your iPhone completely and turn it back on for the settings to take effect.
Even if these settings are correct, it's always a good idea to completely re-boot your iPhone as this alone often fixes such issues.
O2 where having system wide MMS issues yesterday morning, but I believe this has now been fixed.
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Re: Can't send picture messages on IPhone 4S

Same here, phoned O2 three times and had three different answers -
1st- they wanted me to try different things from sending myself an mms to resetting the network settings. Didn't work so told me to try my sim in someone elses phone, and if it works or not to go visit an O2 store to see about getting replacement sim/handset.
2nd- said I had wrong settings under data settings and had me change to wap.o2.co.uk etc. Didn't know at the time but these are settings for none iPhone tariff customers. Needless to say also didnt work.
3rd- a lady said she knew about the problems and I wasnt the only one however last week iPhone released a new update to fix it. Of course I already have this update and obviously it hasn't so told her everything I've tried to which she said "oh I'll ask a guru". Came back after 5 minutes and said My issue had been raised with apple as now they've had enough people to raise a concern with them. Apparently the latest firmware fixed iPhone 4 though, just not 4s.
Do O2 staff get briefed then at all? Why didn't the first two know of these issues? Was I just fobbed off because really they have no idea? I'm not keeping my hopes up.
Tbh I think I might take my phone back and ask them to swap for an iPhone 4. A simple task which mobiles older than my children can do, yet so much hassle to get it working on the most popular and 'advanced' mobile phone.
Oh she also said to keep an eye on these forums as O2 will officially announce something in the next few days. We shall see.
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Re: Can't send picture messages on IPhone 4S