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activating replacement sim


I just lost my phone and ordered a new sim which i got today.

I just want to know hopw to activate it online cos it says sim registration failed when im trying to insert it.

I got an online account on o2.

ANyone please help.;

many thanks

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activating replacement sim

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Link: https://service.o2.co.uk/IQ/SRVS/CGI-BI ... activation should help
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activating replacement sim

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Link: https://service.o2.co.uk/IQ/SRVS/CGI-BIN/WEBCGI.EXE?NEW,KB=Companion,T=SIMactivation should help

Thanks so much

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new sim

hi there, when you receievd your new sim, was all your data on it from your old sim ie numbers and what you had been on, on the internet :roll:
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activating replacement sim

A replacement sim has no previous information stored on it. There are no contact numbers or data and the only detail programmed on to it is your mobile number.

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