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PAC Code

I have got a pac code which I got it just incase I wanted to leave o2, but I wont be. How do I use it if I'm staying with the same network? I'm starting a new contract in my own name.

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Re: PAC Code

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A PAC Code is only required if your moving from O2 to another network or from another network to O2.


A PAC Code expires if not used within 30 days.


Helpful link ref Pac Code : http://community.o2.co.uk/t5/Discussions-Feedback/Obtaining-a-PAC-Code-from-the-O2-Network/m-p/54427...


The contract your using now i assume is in someone elses name ?

Let then know their monthly contract will drop onto a 30 day rolling contract if they do nothing at the end of its term.


Just visit an O2 store or open a contract online ,and start your own monthly contract.


Your get your own phone, tariff and number which will then start as long as you pass the credit checks. 



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Re: PAC Code

You will still need CS to swap that number to your new account when you get it in your name....
Sometimes this proves difficult and you may have to use the PAC to port the O2 number to another network (Voda for example) then get a new PAC from Voda for your number and port it back to O2.
If you get an adviser that knows how to do it all should go OK but not all know how to do a live number transfer so the PAYG alternate network route is often used.
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