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Free text (on the computer)

Just wanted to say it's a shame 02 has done away with this facility.  Currently in Australia and it was a handy (and cheap) way to keep in touch with an 84 yr old aunt in the UK who has no computer and no iPhone. I could type more easily than if I was using just a handheld device. Now I will be in touch less, sending fewer texts. I'm sure it wasn't costing 02 anything to have it there in the background, profits will be made quickly enough elsewhere.  My loss.

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Re: Free text (on the computer)

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Hi and a welcome to the forum.

A great many people will miss certain services being stopped by O2.

Don't let this restrict your contact with family > adapt.

Have you thought about using an alternative such as. ;

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Re: Free text (on the computer)

PR16 wrote:

Just wanted to say it's a shame 02 has done away with this facility.

Indeed it is, but to try and blackmail O2 because you feel they have stopped you contacting your aunt is a bit silly.


As above there are many other ways of getting in touch.





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