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Register Sim-Card

I was wondering if anyone could help me with registering my sim-card. Its a new sim-card and every time I turn my phone on it says "unregistered sim". I've tried to ring the 02 number however it always says "call failed". I'm sure there is an easy solution but can anyone help?
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Register Sim-Card

Is it a PAYG or contract SIM?

If PAYG have to topped up to activate it?

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Register Sim-Card

sounds like the sim might be old (over 6 months old and never used)so may be disconnected now
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Re: Register Sim-Card

Hi, I'm on a contract and need to register the new sim card they sent me as the old one doesn't work properly, but when I try to register the new one dial 202 to speak to O2 its says " Not registered on network"


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Re: Register Sim-Card

You could use a landline using the contact number belo or possibly try the chat link in my signature.


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