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network connection on new iphone 5s

I purchased my new iphone 5s yesterday and as of now i am still unable to get a network connection? I took it back to the shop and they said it takes 24 hours to transfer from my old iphone4s?

Can any confirm this or does anyone have any ideas how to connect to the network?

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Re: network connection on new iphone 5s

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Yes it can take upto 24 hours. Is your sim in the 4s still working or has that gone off?

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Re: network connection on new iphone 5s

did you do the swapmysim procedure?

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Re: network connection on new iphone 5s

Turn your iPhone off and back on to reset the service. 

If you've carried out the SIM swap online and nothing happens on your New SIM regarding service then use the 'contact us' tab at the bottom ornate forum page to speak to o2 customer services.

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