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What's the O2 community and how to get started?

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Hi everyone,

Welcome to the O2 Community! 


This is a great place to ask for and share advice on anything relating to O2 or your device. You can join fantastic discussions (on or off-topic ), and help O2 improve by providing feedback. If you're feeling inspired, you can even create a how-to guide or write a review of your latest device!


Why join the O2 Community?
There are many reasons to join - here are just a few:

  • Get fast and reliable advice
  • Connect and support each other
  • Learn something new everyday
  • Get your phone and network news here first
  • Be part of a buzzing and light-hearted forum
  • Get involved in cool activities exclusively available for our community members, such as beta trials for new products and services (check out the latest trial here)
  • By participating on the Community, you can earn credit towards your monthly bill or PAYG balance read more about our Community Rewards programme here

How do I join?
Joining the O2 Community is quick, easy and free: you'll be able to get the best out of the forum after you register, or sign in. If you're unsure on the steps, check out this helpful guide on how to register!


How do I get help?

Search - There's a good chance your answer is already out there! Have a look at our useful FAQ of the most asked questions and the existing guides. You can also search the Community for similar questions by using the search box. If you're a Business customer, make sure to check out our dedicated board!


Ask - If you didn't find your answer by searching, you can ask the Community for help. It's really easy to start a new topic by clicking the 'new topic' button at the top of each board. The more information you provide in your question, the easier it will be for others to give you the best advice! Please make sure you don't post any personal info such as phone numbers as the O2 Community is public.


Let us know your question has been answered
If your query has been answered please let others know by hitting the 'Accept as Solution' button. This will clearly mark the correct answer which helps others with the same question. It’s also nice to say thank you to the person who answered your query!


Account queries
If you have a question which requires Customer Service to check or access your account, our knowledgeable community members may not be able to help with this. In that case, they will go through some troubleshooting steps first in order to pinpoint what the issue could be, and if further account-based help is needed, they will notify one of our account trained O2 staff who will contact you privately to discuss your query further.

Please note: You can manage your account via My O2, and you might be able to resolve your query that way, so it's always worth checking in there first. We have a handy guide on how to use My O2, and if you need any further help with it, feel free to post in our My O2 board.

New to the Community?

If you just joined us, you can come say hi and introduce yourself to the other members Wave You should also check out the Community Guidelines so you're aware of the rules.


Not sure on something?

If you have any questions about how the Community works, feel free to get in touch with a member of the Community team at any time! 


@Martin-O2 @Breanna 

COVID-19 support - Help and support from O2 during the lockdown
Access for You: Registration - Find out how to register for our Access for You service.
Just joined the community or thinking of registering? Check out this handy starter guide!
Have a query about your account? login to My O2 for help

If you'd like to take part, why not register? slight_smile

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