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O2 now ranging BioCase for iPhone

O2 Social Media Team
O2 Social Media Team
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Hey all,

As many of you know, O2 is committed to doing all we can to protect the environment, and helping others do the same. Through 'Our Blueprint', we work with environmental and socially aware organisations like the Carbon TrustBITCForum for the Future and Global Action Plan. We're also doing what we can to embed sustainability in our products and services. From recycling schemes to paperless billing, we're trying to make it easier for our customers to do their bit too.

Which brings us on to BioCase from Skech, which we're very proud to be ranging from today.


Who are Skech?
Skech is an environmentally friendly company who's cases we've already ranged for previous devices. Skech has embarked on a mission to reduce its enviromental footprint and achieve zero waste-to-landfill status by 2023, and you can read more about their mission here.

What's the BioCase?
BioCase is the world's first environmentally friendly phone case, and is made from 100% biodegradable and natural materials. It has been designed and manufactured to become part of the earth once you no longer need it. Most cases on the market are made of plastic or other materials that are not easily recyclable (if at all!), but the BioCase solves that.

What about the packaging?
Skech has thought about that too, because even the packaging is made from 100% recyclable paper and uses eco-friendly ink.

What about the price?
Products that are considered eco-friendly or environmentally friendly very often come with a price premium attached, especially in the current day and age where more and more of us are trying to do our part and reduce our impact on the environment.

With the BioCase from Skech, there is no such premium. It costs £19.99, so you can now make a sustainable choice without the price tag that's typically associated with 'doing the right thing'.

Get your BioCase here, available in 'Eclipse' or 'Orchid' colour, for the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Hi. I'm from the Social Media Team.

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