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Volt benefits not activated

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Im a new O2 and Virgin Media customer and VM recently installed FTTP in my post code area. I signed up for VM FTTP 250 and O2 sim. O2 sim was activated 27 Feb 2024. VM FTTP was installed and activated 19 March 2024. Volt was not applied for my new accounts and Im unable to activate it. I keep being told it takes '14 days' or 'a few days' or '10 days' for Volt to be activated. But it isnt being activated, it's just being kicked down the road after nearly a month!


Ive read and repeatedly told by O2 and VM that the name and address on BOTH accounts MUST be the same to activate Volt. In my case, this is not possible because O2's address look up file is different to VM's! Ive flagged this up with VM.


The issue is, the User cannot manually insert or edit their address in either companies system. If you want to edit your address O2 asks you insert your house number and postcode. The look up file then presents a list of addresses for the User to select their address. VM asks you to just enter your post code and it too, presents a list of addresses for the User to select their address.


However, O2's address for my post code includes the COUNTY and the address is not editable meaning I cannot remove the county when selecting my address from the list. VM's address for my post code does NOT include the county and again, I cannot edit the address to include the county. Ergo, my address can not be exactly the SAME in both O2 and VM.


I have raised a ticket with O2 who just passed it on to VM. VM keep saying 'your address must match exactly'! I keep saying it isnt possible because your address system is different to O2's!


Just who is going to sort this nonesense out?

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Try contacting O2 on the UK based social media teams.

Guide: How to find help & contact O2 

Volt Megaguide 

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