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Sim swap major failure

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@Dave-O2 i am really hoping you can help me here. I joined O2 from Vodafone and requested a sim swap on or around 10th January and am still waiting for something to click in to gear. Several members of staff over the phone have continued to fail to help and raise it to a “back end” team who deal with the porting and each time I’ve contacted im told someone will contact me (by email) but have not had any response. I can make outbound calls and the number I transferred is appearing as the number on the receiving phone - happy days. However, I cannot receive any calls or text messages on the same number and it continues to go to Vodafone voicemail. The number which came with the o2 SIM card also doesn’t come through as it is most likely binned off already so I am quite stuck that I can’t receive anything from anyone which is a bit of a nightmare whilst job hunting 

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Morning @stay_or_go 


I'm sorry to hear about the recent experience that you've had? So i can take a closer look, can you please drop me a PM with some more details?

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