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Hello, I have had major major issues with my phone and my partners phone, the signal on both is absolutley terrible and has been for over 12 months!, we have both said we would wait until the contracts are over then switch to a different network because we have had nothing but trouble and after many many phone calls to o2 to discuss our options we’ve had excuses over excuses, new SIM cards, changed devices, engineers are fixing a problem in the area… we’ve had it all and nothing seems to change, it’s getting to the point now where my work is being effected due to phone calls keep cutting and struggling to understand over the phone due to the signal, I work in different areas and the problem is always there. I can’t seem to get this issue resolved , I’m paying over £100 per month for 2 contracts and can’t even make 1 phone call withought the signal being interrupted. I am expected to pay my contract on time every month wich I do, and all I expect is this problem wich has been going on for so long to be resolved and no body seems to care. It’s got to the point where I am on the phone to 02 discussing what’s occurring and the phone call cuts off , no one to call back but I am expected to wait in a queue for over 1 hour to call back. It’s beginning to be a huge hinderance in our lives and we don’t know where to turn or what to do! I regret going with o2 and I shal never recommend this company to anybody! Nothing but problems and nobody wants to hear when something is going wrong! But yet I am expected to pay for my tariffs what do not work as expected! 

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@Joemcn We are all customers, so all we can offer is a sympathetic ear. If you want to lodge a formal complaint, see this link: How to Complain | Help | O2

If you'd prefer to discuss it with O2 via social media, use these links:

Facebook ( , Twitter ( or Instagram (


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