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Signal issues

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IV got a upgrade on my phone but I have a very annoying issue with my signal when I'm on my phone I have full bars of signal and AS SOON as I ring someone or someone rings me the signal will drop to one bar and sometimes even cut the call of with no signal but as soon as I'm off the phone it goes straight back up,my old phone never done this IV not moved houses IV not changed from a different network to 02 IV not changed anything other than a new phone ,but the new phone seams to be worse than the old one and I have kids so I need to be able to hear people on the phone and they need to be able to hear me.i don't know what is causing this, please help me 

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Are you using your old sim in the new phone or the new one?

If the new one, did you do a sim swap Guide: Sim Swap: a mini guide 2017 update ?

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