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So I changed to o2 a year ago because the network showed good signal where I work (self employed sole trader working in a rural location).  The network check continually shows as 4g good indoors and out, 3g good indoors and out, 2g the same, calls the same and 5g good outdoors but not inside.  My issue is, despite repeatedly using the 'My Network' app, I will only get half decent phone call signal outside maybe one day out of 14 and half decent (as in cuts out throughout calls etc) some of the time.  The internet has the same with having H+ signal for internet at best outside 95% of the time and inside is non existent.  Is there any way to boost these as I still have the rest of the year before my contract is up.  Due to where I work to the house which does have wifi there is no way to get wifi to where I am.  Can anyone suggest any solutions? I can't really afford a second mobile.  Just wondering if there is something I can do prior to leaving O2 at renewal.  Thanks

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Can only suggest you look at this guide Guide: How can I sort out my network issues? but it's sounding like O2 isn't for you I'm afraid to say.

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The way to improve network coverage is to have the correct sites in the correct places carrying the right combination of spectrum. "Boosting" signal using any other technique would be a panacea to 100% blanket national coverage!!

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If you do decide to leave O2 at renewal, I would recommend that you get some PAYG SIMs for other networks and test each out. The coverage maps are notoriously unreliable and might tempt you to move to another unsuitable network. 


You might also find this of use :-


Guide: Cancelling Your Contract 


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