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No SIM cards being recognised

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Hi. I’m currently in Azerbaijan and have been using a local sim for a month with no issues. I received a message on my watch&phone saying iMessages were going to expire in 5 days if I didn’t insert my O2 SIM. So I did. But there is a very limited signal where I am. I now put in my O2 SIM and my 2 local SIMs and 5 days later … nothing is happening and the phone will not connect to any network.


The SIMs work in my colleagues phones, just not mine. I have an iPhone XR.


The O2 website won’t let me log in as it says “type in your number and we’ll text you a code” well that’s no good when you don’t have any kind of signal to receive the code but I have wifi in my hotel but there is no wifi option.


So the phone is basically not recognising any SIM cards I put in it.

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Sounds like the phone is having an issue reading your sim cards.

Check the sims are inserted correctly and try rebooting a few times.

Manually selecting a network may help also, but otherwise, see if you can find an Apple store locally or a phone repair shop.

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Hey @Glyn2 did you manage to sort it out?

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