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Network Issues and Faults with Masts

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Good morning,


Please can you tell me when the issues with the network and the faulty masts will be sorted please? I am paying a lot of money and barely receiving dial-up speeds.


Worryingly, this is happening not just at home but in patches all over the country as we’ve done a lot of trips recently where I have zero internet when my wife (who is with Virgin Mobile) has full signal.


I do worry about being out alone at the moment as we recently tried to navigate home and had no internet on my phone to do so. 

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How longs a piece of string, also it depends where you are in the country as some masts will be struggling especially in areas where people are still working from home, or popular tourist destinations. 


I have had the same on my VM sim, especially in the Peak District, or the East coast where EE doesnt really work anymore.. 


So i think you will find this is in different places on different places. 


o2 wont give you an answer either...

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