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I can't view my bill which means I can't pay it. Help?

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I am tearing my hair out.

Every month I get a text message saying Its time to Pay your bill

I follow the link, sign in and it takes me to  View your Air Time.  On this page there is a link to Pay Bill.

No problem.  I always pay promptly.


Ok. However this month, when I try to pay my bill. I can't get past the view your bill stage, , which means I can't get to the next stage of paying it. 

Both pages show the message Oops Something Went Wrong (with a cloud and a sad face) you get the picture.


I have spent TWO DAYS either talking to gurus either on here or on the phone to try and find out whether it's a technical problem.

Im beginning to wonder whether it's a  block of some sort.l has been put on my phone.

If so Why?   I always pay my bills on time.

I had a problem trying to set up a new phone recently and had to send for a new sum card, which didn't work, so had to go back to using my old phone.  Other than that I am a model customer.

I have been fobbed off by people telling me that it's technical and would be fixed in an hour.  It wasn't.   

Another assured me they'd been told it was a technical problem that would fixed by 9 last night. It wasnt.

All lies obviously.

It's an appalling way to treat customers imo.

I finally found someone who gave me a phone number so that I could pay my bill over the phone.

I got so far and the automated voice said "we do not recognise that number"


Where do I go from here?

How do I pay my Bill?

Why do I keep getting the not working messages 

Cam anybody Help?

Is it a general problem or is it just my phone?

I'd go into the 02 shop but they only show interest when a person wants to buy a phone.

I've been advised to save any chats (and this) so that if 02 are unhappy because i haven't paid, then I will have proof that I have tried ALL means.  The fault lies with 02.




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Same problem - still unable to see or download my latest bill, with no useful help options from O2.  Must be a technical problem that they aren't even aware of (if they were, it would be fixed by now). Time to move supplier?

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@Justwantaquietl @BTPA 

Currently a known issue that O2 are trying to fix.

Please try again later 

I have no affiliation whatsoever with O2 or any subsidiary companies. Comments posted are entirely of my own opinion. This is not Customer Service so we are unable to help with account specific issues.

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Same issue here, so you're not alone! Weird that they're making me jump through hoops to pay my bill!

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