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So I got a new Sim Card, it was activated fine and was working for about a week...


Then out of nowhere, I suddenly can't hear people when they call me, and they can't hear me either. It's just completely silent (doesn't matter where I am, what phone my sim is in, or who I'm calling / being called by).


As mentioned, I have tried the same Sim Card in different phones and it's still not working despite the other phones' sounds being fine with their usual owner's Sim Cards. I have also tried other sims in my phone and they work fine. So it can't be the phone.


Also, the speaker sound option is blacked-out / unavailable like the call hasn't fully connected or something?


It's also doing the same thing to my Facebook Video and Audio calls too. So for normal phone voice calls, and also Facebook video/audio, none of these are wortking and all behaving in the same way.


As for FaceTime, when I click to accept an incoming Facetime Video or Audio call it just says 'Facetime failed' for me, and just cancels off the call without any notifcation message of failure for the other person when I try to answer it. Likewise, when I try to make an outgoing Facetime Video or Audio call, it comes through to my phone fine and rings, but again just says 'FaceTime failed' for me when someone clicks to answer my calls, and just cancel off without any notifcation message of failure for them again.


Can anybody help?


I've tried contact O2 and they are really perplexed. The took me through checking the Sim Card is activated, that my settings are fine (which I'd already done myself anyway), and also resetting the network. Nothing has worked yet.


They have now sent our a new Sim Card which will take 1-3 days to arrive and said that once I've activated that Sim Card, if it's still having the same issues, then I need to call back and ask for an O2 engineer.


They said tghere is a mast having issues in my area, but they've agreed that it wouldn't effect my calls the way. Also, nobody else in my household that's on O2 are having any issues with their phone or Sim Cards at all.


Any suggestions? Or people with / have had the same experience + Fixes? 


Thank you!!!

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It sounds like a handset fault, im afraid to say, as things such as Facetime aren't reliant on the o2 connection for calls or video (unless you are on Data). 

I would recommend contacting apple either in an Apple store via a Genius appointment or via the web at

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