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customer services error made me pay 537 pound.

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my problem started when I purchased an Iphone contract on 4th nov.

1. I work in Macdonald, as o2 is giving 30% discount to new customer of Iphone 3g working in Macdonald. So I thought I get new Iphone contract. The guy in the o2 shop the one in stratford london, when applied for credit check scanned Iphone 3GS in term of Iphone 3G which he gave me. I told him that I need Iphone 3G not 3GS he replied it doesn't matter. But IT DOES MATTER AS I WASN'T ABLE TO GET DISCOUNT.

2. Then after first month bill when I didn't get discount I called customer service and asked the reason for not applying discount. She told me that in System you have Iphone 3GS. So she told me to go back to store and ask then to ring customer service and fix in up. I did the same BUT STILL AFTER 3 MONTHS I CANT GET DISCOUNT.

3. As i already have O2 simplicity contract, I called customer service on 30 November to cancel it they said it will be cancelled on 30 december and converted on pay as u go SIM Card which they will send it to my home address.(But Actually they send it to address which i used to have 2 years ago. so i dint get the pay as go SIM card.

4. On 23 december i called customer service and as asked PAC code for my O2 simplicity no. and transfer that no. to my new Iphone contract and they said happily that it will be done on 30 December when O2 simplicity contract finishes and I also received texts that it will be done on 30 December.

5. Real problem started when on 30 December both of my contracts(O2 simplicity and new Iphone 3g) cancelled. Now that time I wasn't able to receive calls or even not able to call customer service to ask what happen(I dont have landline).

6. Worse thing happen on 5th January when I received 537 pound bill for cancelling my Iphone 3G contract.(which I didn't asked them to cancel).

7. I went to differnet O2 shops to call customer service and even made 40 pound calls from my friend landline no. to customer service trying to fix it up.

8. After trying for 15 days(without any phone)and talking to dozens of customer service people My Sim came back in working order on 13th december. They also cancelled any due charges which is 537 pound bill.

9. But yesterday they took 537 pound from my account by Direct debit.
10. I still cant understand why they cancelled my new contract on December and sent me huge bill. If I dont want it I should have it in first place.
11. Now I have to call them again to ask why they took money and why they haven't applied MacDonald discount on my account yet which all seems to me a big battle.

Wish be good luck in this battle against the O2 customer service pathetic people and their management. I surly not getting any O2 sim when this Iphone contract expires.

thanks for reading all long.
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I would read this PDF and contact complaint review service ... actice.pdf
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The fastest way to get your money back is to contact your bank and request they do an indemnity claim, should take around 24 hours. The credit to cover the amount will be on your next bill.

As for the discount, you really do need to go back to store and ask them to contact staff accounts.
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Thanks for your reply

I called customer service today and they told me to do same like indemnity claim.

but when I went to bank and asked for indemnity claim they said it will take 2 to six weeks to get your money back and the easiest way to get money back is to ask O2 to send a check for required amount.
Then Called O2 and they refused to send me check and bank refused to make indemnity claim because they say its O2 mistake.

Both are not helping to get money back.

Problem with discount is that On system its 3GS and they are not bothering to change it even after visiting same store from where I got the contract.

😞 😞 😞
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The bank are fobbing you off, normally its within 24 hours. The direct debit guarantee says "If an error is made by the organisation or your bank or building society, you are guaranteed a full and immediate refund from your branch of the amount paid".

With regards to the phone, ask them to phone up staff accounts again (they close at 4:30pm now) and tell them to put your number into a system called ABS and they will be able to see that the IMEI they have on record is infact an 8GB Iphone 3G. Hopefully you will get through to someone who knows their stuff, once it is resolved you can also request a refund backdated for the 30% you've missed out on.
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Wanty is right, they will be able to check what handset you are actually using.
They can reconnect your new contract and refund you. The contract would have been cancelled and the direct debit collected automatically, if you phone them and reconnect it you will definately be credited back.
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thanks for all of your replies....

I still didn't got my money back...... because bank(Barclays) refused to give me refund....although they filed indemnity claim and told me that when they get money from O2 they will refund me... till then i have to wait....

For discount one of O2 customer service person told me that he left a note on my account and now i will get discount from next bill.......

Lets see what happen next....bill print date is 5th...until that time take care of urself..... i hope everything gets right...
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I strongly suggest you print out a copy of this and take it to your bank: ... rantee.htm

Most importantly:

If the originator or the bank/building society makes an error, the customer is guaranteed a full and immediate refund of the amount paid.

Threaten to complain to the Ombudsman if they don't give you an immediate refund.
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