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Ratie: Hi I'm Ratie. How can I help? laura: hi there laura: im having issues like everyone else with the network issues is there a timescale as to when it will be resolved Ratie: Right now we don't have any time frame, but it will be resolved within few hours. laura: i pay £40 a month to use o2 and this has been an issues since 10am laura: yoru contact page on your website has been down since around 1pm laura: and i have tried on numerous occasions to get through to customer services without success laura: this is terrible customer care Ratie: I can understand your situation and will give you compensation once the issue is resolved. laura: it would have been nice to been even informed by an email or such to let your customers know what is happening laura: i was out today and had to make an important phone call and was unable to Ratie: I am sorry for that Laura. laura: i just wanted to ask if there was any sort of time scale for this as it has been a terrible time to wait Ratie: No Laura, till now we have no update about the time scale. Ratie: Our engineers are working and hope the issue will be resolved within few hours.
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