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Urgent Help Needed: Fraudulent Accounts and Unresolved Issues

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Hello O2 Community and Moderators,

I am reaching out to share my distressing experience with O2 regarding fraudulent activities under my name and the subsequent lack of resolution. Despite multiple attempts to resolve this since January, I'm facing a continuous loop of inaction and insufficient communication.

  • Case Background: In January 2024, I discovered that two phone lines had been set up fraudulently under my account. I immediately reported the issue to O2.

  • Lack of Resolution: Despite assurances of a resolution, I've received little to no concrete information on the steps taken to rectify the situation. I was informed that the matter had been resolved, yet no details were provided, and the fraudulent accounts remained active, incurring charges.

  • Escalation to Debt Collection: To my shock, I recently received a notice that the issue had been escalated to a debt collection agency, which has significantly increased my anxiety and potential damage to my credit score.

I am in dire need of a transparent and effective resolution. It’s distressing to see my financial integrity compromised due to unauthorised activities and the subsequent mishandling of the situation by O2.


I urge the O2 support team and the community moderators to take immediate notice of this serious issue. I need detailed information on how O2 intends to resolve the fraudulent activity, correct the billing discrepancies, and prevent such incidents in the future.

Additionally, I request that all debt collection activities be halted until the matter is thoroughly resolved.

Thank you for your attention to this urgent matter. I hope to see a proactive approach from O2 in addressing and rectifying the issue promptly.


Best regards

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This community is awash with these type of fraud cases

A quick search will find scores of people with cases ongoing for months

This is unacceptable practice by the fraud department

We never see a resolution on here (or very rarely) but causing customers stress and impacting credit files is disgraceful in allowing these fraudulent transactions to drag on for so long

Then to receive debt collection letters is shocking to the extreme

You need to call the number on the letter to advise them that the amount is subject to a fraud investigation and is in dispute

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@MKDelta221 Regretfully this Community is now Customer to Customer so no O2 agents will read your post and be able to act upon it.

Also, once things are with the Fraud department there is little agents can do.

It's  not what you want to hear and believe me you are not the only one to come here with a similar story. O2's dealing with fraud cases is slow and laborious.

I could recommend putting in an Official Complaint but that too will take weeks whatever they say . However it does mean you can then ask for a deadlock letter to take to the ombudsman


This is not O2 and we are all customers here similar to yourself and cannot answer account type queries.
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Whilst I have huge sympathy for your predicament, it is probably worth mentioning that O2 might be unable to give you an update whilst their investigation is ongoing. They have to comply with both criminal law and Money Laundering Regulations and this could be jeopardised if they update you whilst their case is incomplete. It is also possible that your case has been subsumed into a wider investigation if the same fraudster has other "victims" in addition to you.


It has been mentioned that other O2 customers have had similar issues. In fact, last Autumn, there were several national newspaper articles and even a programme on TV about fraud against O2. You can find details of those if you search this forum.  


I would keep pushing O2 about this, at least so they do not forget about you !


Good luck and please keep us informed of developments. 👍

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