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Upgrade mobile within my contract

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I got a contract with O2 through CarphoneWarehouse in December last year - Its an 18 month contract so theres still ages left on the contract (due to expire 26th July 2010)

My monthly bills should be £35 a month as thats the tariff I have. However, because I am abroad alot with my job, my bills tend to be WAY over that amount.

Just to give you an indication:

December 2008: £20.02
January 2009: £46.59
February: £154.69 (!!)
March: £57.44
April: £65.79
May: £123.11
June: £77.62
July: £63.61
August: £68.06
September: £87.07

After looking over at those amounts, they are silly amounts!

My average monthly bill is £76!!

The reason I am posting this, is because I dropped my phone and the screen is cracked on it. The insurance I have does not cover this, therefore I am left with a cracked screen on a Nokia N96!!

Do you think, because I am a high spender that o2 would even consider upgrading me?
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Hey sheepdog, thanks for the quick response.

I didnt even know about a priority list lol.

My average bill is £76... so yeah, I would be under Gold.

Do you not think they would let me off with the extra £4 lol
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Where do you travel with work? You can get good deals on EU calls with My Europe Extra - 25p to make, free to receive when roaming.

If you're spending a lot on roaming texts, another trick may be to move to a slightly more expensive tariff with more free texts - you get free roaming texts at a ratio of 4:1 (i.e. 4 of your free texts for one free roaming text) - but beware, you get no free roaming texts if you simply have 'unlimited' texts on your tariff.

RE you phone - I had a completely destroyed phone 3/4 years ago after it was thrown out of a 3rd floor window (don't ask..!!) - this included cracked screen, and the phone simply wouldn't turn on. Carphone Warehouse fixed it for £40 flat, and I wasn't even a customer there. Maybe they still do something similar?
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Hey markle,

Thanks for the info.

I am cabin crew so I am all over the place lol..

I do actually have unlimited texts on my tariff - but O2 said that I would get 125 roaming texts to use abroad...

I will ask Carphone Warehouse if they would do it, but if there is a chance to upgrade early, then I would rather do that as the iPhone does look quite tempting!

I doubt O2 will tho, it looks doubtful dosent it?
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o2 would actually be your best bet to be honest.
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