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Upgrade delivered to wrong address and O2 managers won't tal

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Hi everyone.

I've had a shocking experience with O2 over the last few days.

I've been with O2 for over 10 years. Phoned yesterday to upgrade my phone which O2 said would be next day delivery. Waited all day today and made several calls to O2 to check the consignment number for DHL. Was promised everything would be ok. At 5.30pm no sign of phone so I called O2 again to be told that it was signed for at 5pm by someone else! Never heard of the person but O2 admit they didn't give the full address - they missed out the road name!

I explained that as this is their fault, they should send out a new phone (which is an iphone). The manager (who only wanted to communicate via a customer service agent) refused and claims I now have to wait for O2 to sort out this dispute with DHL and cannot give me a date when this will be rectified! O2 admit it's their fault, but I am being penalised. I've tried calling O2 again, but was told the same thing. Also, the name of the person who signed for it was not me - can anyone sign for the phone or should it be the person receiving it who must sign? I have already taken today and tomorrow off and cannot receive personal stuff at work. I have phoned DHL and they have told me throughout the day that they cannot contact the driver who delivered this phone.

What do I do?
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1. Keep calling and speaking to supervisors/managers
2. Go to the store and argue
3. cancel your contract
4. get a charge back from your bank

those are the only options I can think of - personally I'd start off with getting a charge back, I get fed up with waiting around for people to get off their a*ses so I just do it my way slight_smile
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There is nothing worse than waiting for something and for it not to turn up.

Remember this, O2 has sent out your phone and complied with your wishes. Me personally, I would be at your local Courier depot at 7am tomorrow and ask to speak to the manager. Remember, the courier is where the problem lies....a dodgy or incompetent driver.

I once ordered a substantial, expensive power tool. It was picked up by the driver, but it never actually reached the hub. What the dodgy driver didn't look at was the delivery address, which was a CID office. Needless to say, enquiries commenced and the driver didn't last more than a day.

Get into the courier office and give them some stick. They get away with too much if you ask me.
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1. Keep calling and speaking to supervisors/managers Wont get it any faster but will keep you informed, a manager can't tell you anymore than an advisor can though
2. Go to the store and argue Wont get you anywhere
3. cancel your contract Wont get you anywhere until the handset is accounted for
4. get a charge back from your bank Wont get you anywhere

To the OP, this shouldn't take too long to sort out, infact I wouldn't be suprised if one is already ordered, so long as its obvious it wasn't you that took delivery (more tricky if it was your address) then they just send out a new one. Give customer services a call, don't go off demanding a manager, ask them if a replacement handset is going to be sent out and what timescales you should expect to see this resolved by. The official process would be for them to request a proof of delivery from DHL and they might then need a copy of your signature, so long as they don't match then a new handset is sent out, the dispute with DHL is nothing to do with you so long as its beyond doubt that you did take the handset.

When it goes to an alternative address there is a very valid reason that they wouldn't tell you who or were it was signed for, this is to stop less than resonable individuals going round to these address's and kicking off with the other person.

Let us know how you get it.
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