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Tourist from Australia

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I am coming back to the UK for a holiday and would still like to be able to access the internet and use wifi on my iphone but don't want to be doing it with roaming with my aussie sim.
Is it possible to get hold of pay and go sim for text and web and then fit it into my aussie iphone and then start using it for the three weeks that I will be in the UK.
I have checked all the faqs but could not find any suitable replies.
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Is your aus iphone unlocked?
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my iphone is not currently unlocked but I realize that I will need to unlock it before I can use a different sim
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OK so now my Australian iPhone is unlocked.
I am unable to contact o2 in the UK because I am not from the UK.
After reading about the pay and go sim I am still unsure if this is the way to go for us when we come on holiday to the UK.
If I were to get our friends in the UK to get hold of a free o2 sim for pay as you go unlimeted text and internet and then they post it to us in Australia is it as simple as just putting it into my phone and then on arrival in the UK to be able to use it sraight away as soon as we get off the plane.
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You will not be able to get a proper iPhone sim. Your best option would probably be the PAYG £15 text and web deal. Although you will need to change the web settings on your phone. You will not get visual voicemail, but that is about all you will loose.
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