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Topups247 - is it ok to use this site

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i try to top up my o2 with o2 yesterday but they have a rule in place that i can only top up 2 mobiles with one debit card so i was stuck as i also needed to top up my sisters phone.

i decided to use but i made a paypal payment lst night around 11pm i was told i will get a instant top up.

i woke up this morning and i have not recieved anything via txt or email from them.

i have contacted them this morning but no reply.

do you think i should make a dispute via paypal against them?

Thanks for any help ppl 😐
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I've never used the site but came across this in the FAQ so have you checked your sisters phone for the voucher number?

Why don't you display the top up voucher number on the screen after I have paid?
For security reasons we are only able to SMS the top up voucher number and it can only be sent by SMS to the mobile number you designate when ordering, which must be the mobile number you are topping up. This is to protect both us and the payment card and the PayPal account holder. Most top up vouchers are sent out by SMS in less than one minute after the payment has successfully been made. However, as we use a third party SMS provider there can sometimes be delays with the delivery of the SMS.
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I had a look at their site and they only send the voucher number to the phone you want to top-up. So have you asked your sister whether she received it? The only way to contact them is by email, so you'll need to wait.

Personally, it seems an expensive way to top-up when you can do it, at no extra cost, from your local shop/garage/cashpoint.
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Well i open a dispute in paypal and within 2 hours i got a refund from topups247 ...
no reason was given by them for why they could not do the top up. . Time wasters

i could not go to the shops last night to get a top up and my sis was doing my head in so i thought i just do it online..

i learn my lesson lol
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I know you got your answer a long time ago but just commenting so other people know not to use this site.
The exact same happened to me yesterday.
I emailed them and they sent me an email back that didnt make any sence.
After emailing them going mad about 4 times i recieved a message of paypal saying i had a refund of them.
I still dont know why, i heard nothing from them themselves!!
Dont use the site, obviously dodgy.
X x
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Probably not a good idea to top up anywhere other than E topup point, over your phone or via O2's own site.
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