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The right to view Pay and Go call history online

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I'm a recent customer to O2 UK having been a 02 Ireland customer for many years.

Been very happy with my Pay and Go in Ireland so I thought I'd try the same in UK. But already it seems that Pay and Go customers are a treated a bit like 2nd class citizens.

On o2 Ireland Pay and Go (Speakeasy) it is possible to check top up history and call history online. Of course. Why would any provider not allow a customer to see what they are paying. So it came as a big suprise when I found that O2 UK do not allow their pay and go customers to view call history and top up history on line. Worse still they have the audacity to charge £10 any time I want to see my details in paper form.

I find it quite remarkable that any modern telco would deny any customer (regardless of tarrif) the right to see what they are spending.

I'd be interested to know if anyone had any other experiences of this problem and whether O2 plan to treat their Pay and Go customers with a bit more respect? I also added a poll to gather opinion.

Here's the 'live chat' conversation with the O2 assistant. Polite and doing her best to help but nevertheless of no real use to me.

Welcome to O2 live chat. Someone will start chatting with you soon.
You're through to Joanne.
Joanne: Hi, I'm Joanne from O2 Online Chat. How can I help you today?
Me: Hi Joanne. How do I check my top up history and call history online?
Joanne: I'll certainly help you with this.
Joanne: Do you registered on View my O2 page?
Me: I am registered
Joanne: Great!
Joanne: You'll get detailed information about your tariff and allowances from your My O2 page. I'm afraid you won't be able to seee the Top-Up history on that page.
Joanne: Let me check other option available for you.
Joanne: Thanks for waiting,
Joanne: David, I'm sorry there is no option available to check your Top-Up history. If you want I can help you with the Top-Up details done.
Joanne: How does that sound?
Me: It's sounds like a missing feature. O2 Ireland pay and go does have the ability to check call history and top up history
Me: O2 UK does not?
Joanne: I totally understand and really appreciate your feedback on this.
Joanne: I'll surely forward this to our concerned team so they can look into this.
Me: Is there a reason that I can't see how much my calls are costing me?
Joanne: I'm sorry for the inconvenience this may have been caused to you.
Me: Is there a reason that I can't see how much my calls cost me?
Joanne: I totally understand how important this is for you.
Joanne: You can certainly get details of your call records.
Joanne: let me help you with that.
Me: How?
Joanne: I'm pleased to tell you that you can now get your call records by completing an online form. You'll also need to include a £10 cheque or postal order (made payable to Telefónica O2UK LTD) for this information.
Me: £10 ?
Joanne: I understand that this will cost you £10
Me: Will the call records then be available to me online or is this a £10 charge every time I want a record of them
Joanne: I'm afraid you can only get call records by filling that online form and every time it will cost you £10
Me: That's ridiculous
Joanne: I completely understand what you mean
Joanne: What I will do is...
Joanne: I'll add £5 as gesture of goodwill to your account.
Me: That's very kind ....but of course it does not solve the problem
Me: Surely it's a customer's right to have free access to account details.
Joanne: I totally understand. I'll definitely forward your feedback to our concerned team so they can look into this.
Joanne: I can certainly understand why that’s important to you.
Me: I'll bring it up on the forum. It must be against standard trading practices
Joanne: David, I've forwarded your feedback to our concerned team and they'll surely look into this for you.
Joanne: I understand this isn't the answer you are looking for but I've done my best to explain this to you.
Joanne: I really appreciate your patience.
Me: I have to go now. How do I follow up on this matter?
Joanne: I'll email you about this.
Joanne: is that okay with you?
Me: Yes. And thank you for your assistance.
Joanne: Thanks for the inforamtion.
Me: Bye for now
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Some providers have on-line call histories, some don't. There's nothing sinister there, your handset provides a log of calls/texts/data sent and you receive a notification after every use of your credit. I wouldn't describe it as a breach of your rights and feel you have over-reacted slightly.

Personally, if a provider doesn't offer a service I want then I would change to one that does (eg Virgin show a brief history of recent calls etc when you log into your on-line account.)

If you were to send it as a suggestion to O2 then I'm sure they would consider it. I would not be in favour of it, it wouldn't tell me anything extra I don't already know, would allow potential tracking of my usage and the money spent implementing it would be better spent elsewhere.
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Thanks pkring for your response. The purpose of this is to gather some feedback so I can indeed make a suggestion to O2.

One of the reasons I have queried this is because this is a personal phone but if I need to make expense claims against business calls then an Online call register is far more convenient than checking my call register on my phone.
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In my experience, the only thing acceptable for an expense claim is a proper itemised VAT invoice. This is available online to pay monthly customers who request it.

I would just make the suggestion if I were you. In the meantime some handsets have accompanying PC software that can export the call log. So that might be an option to help you out.
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Just noticed you used the phrase "against standard trading practices", I don't think it was sensible of you to say that when you don't know whether it is or isn't. (It isn't by the way)
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Well pkring you do have a lot of time on your hands to re-read these things.

I think you'll find that if you re-read it again you'll find that I'm not making a wild accusation. I'm merely stating my own view that this seems like an unreasonable trading practice. You may well be right that it is not. I don't know. Does this mean I'm not very sensible? Ooooh.

Having no access to a live online call history and top up history is just an inconvenience. Perhaps your opinion would change if unusual charges appeared on your payg account and you needed to query O2 about it or if you misplaced your phone and wanted to know if someone else had found it and was making calls.

BTW you don't need a VAT invoice for expenses unless of course you are claiming back VAT.
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I didn't mention anything about wild accusations, where did that come from?

Neither did I say that you weren't sensible, merely that the claim wasn't sensible.

As I said, in my experience the only thing acceptable for an expenses claim is a VAT invoice. I don't see how you can object to that.

I've given you my opinion (which is what you asked for) and suggested some ways you can get around the lack of an itemised breakdown of charges. I have to say you do come across as aggressive and defensive. It's not my intention to aggravate the situation, if you feel I have then please accept my apologies.
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If it is not for business purposes which can be arranged why should O2 keep your records for you. If you are that needy of how much you have topped up then keep your own account records.
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I find it strange that someone asks for opinions and when they are given an opinion (some very good points by the way, prking) they resort to personal insults if the opinion differs from their own. Yes it would be nice to see all your calls on-line but that option is not available on P&G and maybe if enough people complain to O2 directly, then it might be available sometime in the future.

If you make a lot of business calls, then perhaps think about a monthly sim only contract. If the amount of business calls you make doesn't warrant a contract, then it shouldn't be too difficult to keep a record of them.

Again, this is just my opinion, so feel free to throw some of your barbed comments this way.
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You never know where and when you may need a detailed records of your calls or top-up made. But recently I need to get it to prove that I've called to certain number, and barely could find how can I get it. Once in a life time I will pay those 10 pounds, but for the future I vote for changing this service. 😞
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