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Tariff Downgrade Question

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I upgraded my contract early when i could back in November 2011. I chose a tariff which i thought would be appropriate but i have more than i need.


Ive tried to downgrade online, but will only let me upgrade my tariff.


Is it still the 9 month rule? Then the downgrade tariff online will kick in? or do i have to phone up?

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The 9 months rule no longer applies.


You can downgrade once after 12 months


"When you sign up for, or upgrade to, a new a minimum term contract you will then only be able to move to the next available lower priced tariff (with a lower rate monthly subscription than the tariff you’ve joined on) once during your minimum term. You can only do this after you are more than halfway through your minimum term."

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And with new contracts (inc. those "upgrading") after the 30th March, you cannot move downwards at all during the minimum term otherwise no changes as per #1:


1. General

  1. These are our Tariff Terms for Pay Monthly customers after 30March 2012. They‘ll apply to you if you have joined Pay Monthly, upgraded your phone and signed up for a new minimum term or changed the tariff you’re on (or elements of it) since 30March 2012. If you haven’t done one of these things, the Tariff Terms when you signed up, last upgraded or changed your tariff will still apply until you do or until we contact you to tell you otherwise. If we do contact you to do that, we’ll give you 30 days’ notice before making the change.
  2. Our Pay Monthly tariffs are subject to status, a credit-check, payment by direct debit and the terms of a 30 day, 12, 18 or 24 month minimum term Pay Monthly Mobile Agreement. These Tariff Terms are part of that Pay Monthly Mobile Agreement.
  3. When you sign up for, or upgrade to, a new minimum term contract you will not be able to move to a lower priced tariff (with a lower rate monthly subscription than the tariff you’ve joined on) during your minimum term. If you move to a higher priced tariff, unless we tell you otherwise, the new tariff will start at the start of your next billing cycle. When you move tariff, you may have to accept the Tariff Terms for that tariff at the time you move and they may be different to these ones. Make sure you check our website for the current terms before you change your tariff. If you move tariff you may not be able to change back to your previous tariff.



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Yep. The OP is fortunate that they are still in the 12 month rule.


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