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Sim and Device Barred

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I need Urgent help. I am extremely frustated with O2 at the point. I was travelling the previous month and i unfortunately lost track of my account and was late on my payments during which time O2 barred my account from data etc. I made the payment late, and expected the bars to have been removed soon after. However, since coming back earlier this month the bar still is in place and i have called customer service numerous times and they keep tagging my issue since they are for some reason unable to remove my bars despite my payments being uptodate and they said the technical teams will resolve my issue within ten days! Its been 20+ days now and they have raised this issue 2-3 times with their technical teams and now i am forced to use another network to get by with my daily activities but i feel frustated since i am stuck with O2 until my mobile plan ends and i have to keep paying my monthly payments withought receving zero service! I honestly have no idea what to do, customer service seems as cluless as me. 

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All of this could have been avoided if you had used the preferred, formerly mandated by O2, method of payment for your Pay Monthly Contract, viz "Direct Debit from your UK bank account". Guide: How to Pay Your Bill (Contract) 

Still, as this is a Customer Forum, and a Bank Holiday weekend in the UK, the only advice available is to use Social Media and reach out to that team in O2 for assistance - all the ways to chat with the team are in the link just below. Do keep nudging them, it can take a couple of days for them to engage, but they do know their stuff and should be able to get you back up and running, @hammadahmed154 - good luck!

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