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Roaming charges

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Hi - me again - I've spent HOURS trying to find this - please can someone tell me:

I know that if you have text allowance (not unlimited), and you go abroad, it's 4 texts out your allowance to text a UK number.

I know that if you're in the UK and text a Uk number abroad it's free from your allowance.

If you're in the UK and you text a Spanish, French mobile - it costs?

If you're in Europe, and you text a French,Spanish number - what then?

On my old contract, O2 35, with 500 texts, when I texted Spain, France FROM France, they came out of my allowance. Will this still be the case now that tariffs have changed?

Can anyone clarify?!
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Ive been to usa and text a usa number and got charged.

However its always charged me and ive been with o2 for 5 years and always had its.
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Hi Jose,

From personal experience...

1) Texting a non-UK number whilst you are in the UK will be charged at 16p / 12p (Non-ITS, ITS)

2) Texting a non-UK number whilst you are roaming overseas will come out of your free allowance at a ratio of 4:1 (NB: If you just have 'unlimited' texts, it will be charged for)

I know it doesn't seem so logical... but that's the way it is! slight_smile
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This international stuff is way more confusing then it needs to be.

I'm in a similar position, in the UK and need to call/text one number in Denmark frequently - its annoying that you get charged for it rather than it coming out of inclusive minutes & texts.

What I'd like to know is if I text a UK number in Denmark does it charge the receiver? And if so how much? I'd appreciate if anyone could let me know- Cheers slight_smile
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To recieve a txt on an o2 mobile anywhere in the world is free
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