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Resolved Fraud Case Money Credited to Wrong Account

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I was involved in a Fraud Case back in October 23. Someone had ordered a phone and set up a contract using my details. I was able to contact O2 prior to the phone being sent and report the fraud however it dragged on for months with several letters/emails being issued demanding payment.


In February 24 I received a text stating the fraud had been resolved. 4 weeks later I got a call from my credit card provider stating they were cutting my credit limit due to a dramatic fall in my credit rating. I logged on and this was due to outstanding balance in the O2 fraud account which had not been closed.


I contacted O2 to try and resolve this, they then opened up another fraud ticket to get this account closed.

3 weeks later I received a credit in my current account and o2 paid off my current phone with the amount totalling what was still owed on the fraud account.


The fraud account is still showing a balance that's to be owed totalling over £1000 and I have just received an email that this money needs paid by June 24.


In summary O2 have credited the wrong account which is causing great distress as my credit rating is at an all time low. 


Frustratingly every-time I contact O2 the agents are very unhelpful and put me on hold for long periods of time. To me this should be a simple solution, fraud case has been resolved, instead of crediting my current account, credit the fraud account and close, then contact credit agency to resolve my credit rating.


Can anybody help me with this as I've exhausted all avenues.

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The email address is

Or you can write or fax them:

Credit File Referrals Team

Suite P

Arlington Business Centre


LS11 0NE

Fax 0113 2025865

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