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Replacement Phone

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Hello - so I did a Switch Up online last Wednesday (20/04), all went through and I got my new phone Thursday 21st. Unfortunately the new phone was faulty and would repeatedly shut down during set up. I called o2 on Thursday and they arranged for a replacement. I was told I would receive a jiffy bag for the faulty phone, and they would send me out a new phone for next day delivery for the Friday (she said also possibly Monday as it was ordered 5pm on Thursday).


So no phone has arrived. Of course the jiffy bag for the broken phone has arrived, and the Switch Up is now threatening to cancel and make me liable for my old phone because I haven't sent it back yet - but if I did that, id have no phone at all! 


What can I do here? I called and the customer service just said I should wait another week for the phone and that its stuck 'processing' but that seems... not good enough? 

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This is why you need to do switchups' in store, and not online, as all sorts of problems, can arise..


You need to return the phone you did the Switch Up on, as that is part of the terms and conditions, and wait on the new device been sent out to you.. and technically you no longer own the phone you switched from.

I am afraid there is no leeway to that from what I can gather, as much as it is a PITA, you wouldn't have that phone if you had done it in store...


I would also call the sales team on 0808 002 0202 as they might be waiting on the faulty phone been returned

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This is not customer services and we dont have access to your account
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