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No texts coming through unless in wifi

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Hi. I'm having a problem at the moment with my O2 account. I'm not receiving any texts unless I am in my wifi range. Even when I have a good phone signal it won't let texts through. When I get home from work and the phone picks up the wifi from my house, all the texts come through that have been sent to me through the day 😕 why? I changed phones because I thought it was just the phone but no, it still does it. And, I can't get 3G internet ANYWHERE. Could this be a sim problem or is O2 just that bad? When I had a previous contract with O2 through the car fone wear house I never had this problem. But now I deal with O2 direct the coverage is appalling.
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Coverage is the same regardless of who you deal with for the contract.
Normal SMS messages do not need WiFi so I'm not sure if that is a red herring or related to your problem.
The first thing to try is a free sim swap and go from there......
SwapMySim Procedure.
If a person upgrades to another phone and the new phone takes another sized Sim Card then this procedure moves the Tariff and Mobile number from the original SIM card to the new one.
This is the same is a new SIM card is required if a person feels their original one may be at fault.
Any O2 HighStreet Store can perform the swap in store or a person can take the SIM card home or request one via O2 Customer Services. 202 for Contract. 4445 for PAYG. 8002 for Business ->
Sim Swap link ->
Be sure to ask for an Account Specific Blank SIM card as Contract and Pay As You Go versions hold different information.
The Service will stop on the original SIM card which indicates the swap has started. Turning the phone Off and On , or if applicable switching airplane mode On and Off ,with the new SIM card in every 20 minutes or so will typically help the connection to settle.
If your newly sent SIM card is a Nano sized version then another alternative if O2 have not supplied a SIM card adapter kit with it, is to pick this free adapter kit up from any O2 Store ,or order a set for a small fee from one of the auction sites.
I have no affiliation whatsoever with O2 or any subsidiary companies. Comments posted are entirely of my own opinion. This is not Customer Service so we are unable to help with account specific issues.

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It does seem O2 is having mast congestion issues at the moment as they upgrade their masts.

Network Future

If sim swaps etc don't work then if your not locked into a contract or on Refresh you could pay up your handset plan and move networks.

You could try out alternative network Payg SIM cards to ensure you get good signal where you live, commute and work and perhaps migrate your number to another network via a pac code. ->

Unlock your phone for free for contract customers or £15 for Payg customers - T&C apply via this form -> to try alternative SIM cards.


I'm quite pleased that my write up on sim swaps is to your liking @MI5 😄

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To be honest i don't buy this "o2 are having mast congestion issues at the moment" lark.

Yes o2 are upgrading. But not everywhere at the same time. So if the OP is not currently in an area where masts are actually being worked on then that is a bit of a red herring.

The fact is that the o2 network is now struggling to cope as the numbers using it have risen by over a million per year for at least the last couple of years. Adding another 320000 from Talk Talk next year won't help matters and will cause further capacity issues across a network already struggling to cope.

This post could take us off topic so if to be debated should move to its own thread so as not to detract from the OP's question.
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Hi Nick - piperdog123

Fully respect your opinions as you know. 😄

We are hearing more and more customers reporting back after looking at and the status is reporting back ref high demand.

It's been often commented on by other memberS about congestion ,and I myself have said that even tho O2 have not officially confirmed about mast congestion, it is thought to be a contributing factor to some users issues.

As you say O2 will be struggling to cope with numbers rising and the coming onboard of talk talk so the ensuing issue could be mast congestion.

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Hi BoB

As always I too fully respect your views and thank you for commenting on mine.

The issue remains that o2 are failing to maintain the network at a time when revenues per customer are generally falling, profits are minimal compared to foreign networks and user demands are soaring.

There is a reason why Telefonica (o2), Deutsche Telekom & Orange SA (EE) are looking to pull out of the UK. There is a serious lack of profitability here.

Earlier this week there was a report which says that uk telecom operator profits have now fallen below capital requirements so effectively the UK operators are running at losses. What needs to happen is the regulators need to agree to a reduction in incumbent operators from 4 to 3, restrictions to include dealing with the not spot issues, investment in 4g etc. With more customers per network in this scenario cost efficiencies would be there to increase profitability so companies could then invest.

I also think all the uk towers should be suggested to a single not for profit company so that they could all share, reduce the overall number of towers needed, build more where necessary, extend the use of femtocells such as Vodafone and their Open Rural Sure Signal service to reach rural areas and pressure on BT and Virgin to improve fibre connectivity to improve the overall service.

Yep I could write this s**t lol
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I bow to your superior knowledge and understanding in these matters mate. 👍
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Hi @Anonymous ,


Are you using an Iphone, and if so are all ur messages blue?

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Can I ask if you have TuGo enabled and the messages are coming through that on WiFi. It would seem to be the only scenario that you describe. 

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@Anonymous wrote:

Hi @Anonymous ,


Are you using an Iphone, and if so are all ur messages blue?

Sooo.....if it is ...and the messages ARE blue.... what does that mean?....Thinking

*The Game Is On*

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